Around the world and across platforms - we just like to game and hangout with each other


Destiny being our first game, we take light and light level serious - we fight for the light


We are all from different backgrounds and denominations but have Jesus as a common anchor


We are connected with each other through prayer, encouragement and a burning fire from the Holy Spirit

Who Are We?

We are a community of outspoken Christian gamers born from the desire to combine gaming with prayer & encouragement.
We love hanging out together but often found that the greater LFG community, despite it's many good qualities, was sometimes very negative and discouraging.
That's why our founder, CrabbyJosh, found For The King out of a desire to connect positive and Christ centered Destiny gamers with each other.
Although most of our members play Destiny, we have several members who play other games like The Division and Overwatch. It is our goal to replicate the blessing that For The King has brought for many of us and extend it to the greater community, regardless of game or platform.

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How Does This Site Work?

The core of the site is divided in Groups and Forums all linked to each other. After registration you will have access to both.

  • Groups are basically a collection of forums based on interest. For example, if you are really into the Iron Banner you could start an Iron Banner group and add a forum to the group so it'll be easier to find for other members.
  • The forum section will be accessible via the forums tab as well as the groups tab but a user will have to go through a folder structure to reach it the topic he or she is interested in.